In Anticipation of the 2012s

Given the healthy vineyards, the growers’ expectations for the 2012 vintage are high. In 2012, the flowering of Riesling was between early and mid-June. Due to the less than optimal conditions – June was wet, cool, and windy – the harvest yield was slightly below average, but the quality was good and impressed us at the first tasting of the fermenting musts.

What was less ideal for us was very good for Riesling, namely the constant water supply for the vines throughout the summer months. In August, the lush, green hillside vineyards pleased the growers, with an almost normal-sized, healthy crop hanging and a level of development that corresponded to a long-year average. The weather was especially good for white wines with a good balance between sugar and acidity. The ripeness was above the long-term medium with an invigorating acidity.

In 2012, the main harvest at Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier didn’t start so early as in previous years. The favorable weather allowed the Pinot grapes to ripen fully into the first week of October. In early October, we could begin harvesting the Pinot varieties. From mid-October well into November, we then picked the Riesling, which is one of the late-ripening varieties.

Start of the harvest: 
mid-October 2012
End of the harvest:
late November 2012
Yields in the best parcels:
40 hl/ha and less
Average yields:
maximum 48 hl/ha over the entire holdings