Riesling Pyramid

To all Riesling lovers and to those who want to become one, the so-called Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier Riesling Pyramid was developed as a best possible overview of the different sweetness levels, villages, and sites. All wines are included at a glance.

The individual sweetness levels are color-coded: blue for trocken (dry), green for feinherb (off-dry), and brass red for fruity sweet Riesling wines. The foundation of the multi-level pyramid are the Dom wines, including three different styles of Riesling and other grape varieties, such as Pinot Blanc (Weissburgunder) and Elbling, rosé, red wine, and Riesling sparkling wine (Sekt).

On the second level are the village wines (Ortsweine) in the classic Mosel Kabinett style, which stands for lots of fruit and minerality combined with low alcohol. For the dry and off-dry Riesling wines, we used the village names, where the grapes for the respective wines originate. The fruity Kabinetts, however, have the full name of the single vineyard.

On the thrid level of the Riesling pyramid are the wines from famous single vineyards, such as Scharzhofberger, Dhroner Hofberger, or Kaseler Nies’chen. They represent with their unique sites the highest form of wine culture on the Mosel, Saar, and Ruwer.

On top of the Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier's pyramid are excellent Riesling wines from the very best prime sites of the most famous single vineyard sites. First Class Riesling and for sure among the very best of their vintage and origin.