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Erdener Treppchen

Viticulture since Roman times

Erdener Treppchen

The small wine village of Erden lies in an oxbow, between Bernkastel-Kues and Traben-Trarbach, on the right bank of the Mosel River, where the land is flat as the valley widens towards the Hunsrück. On the opposite side of the river are the steep slopes to the Eifel.

Erden is surrounded by vineyards on the fertile alluvial banks of the Mosel. The best sites of the village, however, are on the steep slate slopes on the other side. These are among the steepest sites of the Mosel. Records show that the Romans, who knew a little about the great sites when they saw them, already farmed vineyards here over 2,000 years ago.


Total area:

53.4 ha on the steep slope across from Erden, from which 1.6 ha are farmed by Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier


100–250 meters above sea level


Southeast to southwest




Stony, red to brown-gray clayey slate soil


Since the Romans, vineyards have been farmed in the steep Erdener hillsides. A Roman press house at the foot of the steep slope bears testimony.

Wine type:

Elegant with delicate flowers and good acidity, spicy