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Piesporter Goldtröpfchen

"Nibbling grapes with the nymphs."

Daniel Deckers

Piesporter Goldtröpfchen

Piesport lies in an impressive south-facing, U-shaped Mosel River bend. The ideal exposition is reminiscent of an open amphitheater. On one end of the grand slope is the craggy section, known as the Moselloreley (named after the better-known Loreley in the Middle Rhine), which optimally protects the vines of this great site from the cold north winds. The spicy, subtly sweet Rieslings from the deep-slate soil develop an animating freshness and can be be cellared for many years.

In 371, Ausonius, a Roman poet from Bordeaux and a top aide to the emperor in Trier, raved in his paean “Mosella” of the picturesque Piesport panorama.


Total area:

65.4 ha, from which 1.5 ha belong to Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier


125–160 meter above sea level


Southeast to southwest




Very weathered blue-gray slate; deep topsoil with good water reserves; some parcels have more fine soil


In the summer and in late autumn, the site is less prone to drought, as it receives plenty of sunshine and has good water supplies from the earthy soil and from the woods above

Wine type:

Pronounced minerality, the wines are very concentrated and have a very good aging potential