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Kaseler Nies'chen

Grande Dame of the Ruwer

Kaseler Nies'chen

Kaseler Nies’chen, the top site of the Ruwer Valley, produces concentrated mineral wines with intensive fruit aromas. On the very steep slope, thrive fragrant Riesling classics whose tastes range from dry to sweet and seductive. The wines have very good aging potential. This is due to the minerally dense structure of the wines combined with a traditional vinification in the 1,000-liter Fuder.


Total area:

14.2 ha, from which 3.1 ha belong to Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier


170–280 meters above sea level


South to southwest


Up to 70%


Blue-gray slate, stony with little humus in the mid- to upper sections, more fine soil mixed in at the foot of the slope (due to erosion). In general, well-aerated and with low to medium water retention.


Composition, exposition, and good drainage of the soil lead to increased warmth during the growing seaon. This energy is released back on to the vines during the cool nights from the slate stones, thus letting the grapes ripen well.

Wine type:

Elegant and very delicate Spätlese wines (dry or sweet), ideal for fermenting in the traditional 1,000-liter Fuder, as well as nobly sweet Auslese wines of great clarity and concentration