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Kanzemer Altenberg

"You have to love it, this hill."

Dr. Heidi Kegel

Kanzemer Altenberg

The nature of Kanzemer Altenberg is absolutely unique. The south-to-southeast-facing steep slate site looks similar to a wall and is located on the right bank of the Saar, opposite the village of Kanzem.

The imposing slope is optimally protected from the cold north winds. With its proximity to the Saar, the temperatures are neither too high nor too low. The steep slope favors the light and makes the hillside optimal for heat storage.


Total area:

18.7 ha, from which 5.9 ha belong to Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier


140–250 meters above sea level




Up to 85%


Brown, blue-gray, and violet-colored slate. The lower part of the slope has plenty of fine soil, whereas the upper part is stony. Due to the excellent drainage, erosion is less of a problem, even under extreme rainfall. The vines dig deep into the rock over the years and are less susceptible to heat and drought stress. Because the slate runs mostly horizontal from the hill, the water supply is good, despite the very good drainage.

Wine type:

From playful, light Kabinetts to beautifully structured, mineral, and salty Spätlese wines (at different sweetness levels). All styles are ideal for fermentation with ambient yeasts in oak Fuder. The best vintages show after years of bottle age the spicy scent of the hill and its stones in a hot and dry summer day. The nobly sweet wines from Auslese up to Trockenbeerenauslese have been world class for decades, such as the beguiling 1959 Kanzemer Altenberg Beerenauslese.