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The legend lives on!


Scharzhofberg lies south of the Middle Mosel and Rheingau and is considered the coolest great site on the Saar. It’s more than 300 meters high. The slope rises behind the Scharzhof like a mighty wall; the soil consists mostly of gray slate. Scharzhofberg is a prime example of a northern vineyard. The Romans planted vines here in the middle of the third century.

Scharzhofberger wines are characterized by their subtlety and delicacy, a stark contrast to the weather-battered hillside. The cold winds from the Hunsrück regularly sweep over the hill to provide the vines with good ventilation. The extreme temperature differences between day and night are balanced by the high proportion of highly weathered slate soil that stores the sun’s heat during the day and releases it back to the vines at night.


Total area:

28.1 ha, from which 6.3 ha belong to Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier


200–290 meter above sea level


South to south-southeast




Very weathered gray slate, some red slate too. At the foot of the slope more fine earth with slightly better water storage capacity. In parts, the topsoil includes a little loess and clay.


Scharzhofberger is located in a side valley of the Saar, between the villages of Wiltingen and Oberemmel. Besides some parcels located at the foot of the slope, the site is exposed to the wind. The microclimate is thus a little cooler than other vineyards in the area. As a result, the grapes take a longer period to get the minerals from the soil and ripen later with a distinct aroma and lots of minerality. The harvest is usually completed in November, with the exception of the parcels for Eiswein.

Wine type:

The Kabinett and Spätlese wines have subtle, slate-influenced flavors that develop with an expressive noble character with more bottle age; the site also produces nobly sweet Auslese, Beerenauslese, and Trockenbeerenauslese with enormous aging potential

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